In this video, Josh Eaton of Top Speed Golf explains how hiring the wrong person twice cost him over $50,000 at a conservative estimate. He also shares how after working with us to find the right people he was able to take an 8-day vacation without needing to check in with the company because things were finally running smoothly without him.

Our service

I believe that you should always be able to tell every candidate, openly and honestly, exactly why they did or didn’t get a job.

If you can do that, it means your criteria are clear and you have made objective, honest decisions – and very probably have taken on the right person.

A few years ago, one of our clients, Dr Dave Nicol, asked us to help him with recruiting new members for his veterinary hospital. I pointed out that we were in the UK and he was in Australia. He didn’t seem to think this was a problem and asked me to call him back the following week with a plan. So I reviewed all our process and went back to first principles.

The result was the basis of what we do today. Dave and I honed it to be as efficient and fast as possible, but still giving him the results he needed, helping him to turn around the business he had bought.

We were able to put candidates through the process quickly and effectively so that he was able to pick from just a small number of good people. Because the process is so clear and thorough we were able to give candidates feedback on how they had done. When we made mistakes (and we didn’t always get it right) we were able to update the process so that we didn’t make the same mistake again.

Now we have honed that process so that we have a success rate of around 91%. That means that 91% of our candidates are still in the job and doing a great job a year later. That’s what we guarantee. When they don’t work out, for any reason, we find you someone else – after we’ve been through what went wrong and updated our process accordingly. That’s all part of our guarantee.

We work with clients in US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and even Azerbaijan. Our team is based around the world.

Our One Year Guarantee

If your new hire doesn’t work out in the first year we will hire another one for you. All you pay for is the advertising costs.

Our process will drastically improve your chances of getting the right new recruit into your company but won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you are a small to medium sized business and just don’t have the resources to it properly all by yourself, look no further. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.

Our process

  1. Identify the purpose of the job: we work with you to make sure we have this vital step right.
  2. We produce a job description and objectives, so you can be confident you know what the new hire will be doing. We produce a person specification so we can find exactly the right person.
  3. We conduct research to find out what the job market is for the post what the best job title will be, what package you need to offer, what the employment rate for you ideal candidate is and where best to advertise.
  4. We design and test an advertisement so you attract the right people, not hundreds of unsuitable candidates.
  5. Weeding out poor candidates can be very time consuming, especially for entrepreneurs, which is why we employ our “Secret Sauce”. Our service includes designing tasks based on what your ideal candidate will be doing in their new position for you. Then we eliminate those candidates who do not meet your criteria and you have wasted none of your extremely valuable time. We’ll keep you updated to make sure we’re getting it right. We screen all the candidates for you!
  6. We conduct audio interviews to screen the candidates.
  7. We give you the interview questions to ask your final candidates along with guidelines on how to carry out that process.
  8. Making the final decision. We work through the results of the final interview with you and help you to come to the right the decision.
  9. Induction: We go through the steps you need to take to get your new hire up and running as quickly as possible. We don’t stop till your new person is performing in the role.
  10. Wrong person? We help you here too and help you to find a new person. The only extra cost is the advertising. Our recruits are guaranteed for a year.

We take out the difficult bits and make the whole process easy and effective.

Our service in more detail


Most people don’t prepare properly, so we will take you step-by-step through this very important groundwork. If you don’t do this properly, you will find it hard to get the right person.

We go through the job description with you, making sure you have really got what you need in it. We work from the objectives for the role, and we help you to ensure that they are right too. Then, working closely with you, we create a person specification that is an accurate picture of the person you really need.

The next stage is to write the advertisement. Again we work closely with you to create an ad that will really stand out and attract the personality you are looking for, rather than hordes of people who are completely unsuitable.


Some people end up eliminating candidates who would do very well in the job. Other times unsuitable candidates slip through the net and end up being hired. We start eliminating unsuitable candidates at an early stage of the process. We ask candidates to complete some tests on line and submit them along with their CVs or résumés and completed forms.

We work with you to design tests that are examples of what the successful candidate will be doing in the role, so we can judge their level of skill. We agree criteria with you and score those tests (if they are really technical we may need your help).

You get to see the CVs and résumés from just the candidates who pass those tests. Those candidates who are successful and show they have the skills you need then go through to the next stage: an audio interview with us where we check they have a profile that matches the person specification we agreed with you and various other role-specific areas. This interview is conducted over the phone or GoToMeeting.

The candidates who meet the specification then make it through to the final stage: tests and an interview with you. Working closely with you, we design the tests, making sure that they will show you if the candidates meet the standards you require and we work out the questions you need to ask in the interview.

By now, these final candidates should all be pretty good, but you’ll spot the ones who aren’t because you’ll know what to look for. We then go through the results with you and give you whatever support you need to make the final decision. If there is no one good enough at this stage, we just keep going till we find someone who is.

When the successful candidate starts in the role

Recruitment isn’t really successful till you have someone performing in the role and achieving the results you need to the standards you require. We help you to get the new hire settled as quickly as possible, deal with any hiccoughs and, if they don’t make it through the probation period we help you with that. Then we help you to recruit someone else at no extra charge.

Why the process works

This may look like a lot of work, but don’t worry, we do most of it, though we do have to get information from you to get it all going and check that we are getting the kinds of candidates you need. And it’s a lot less work for you than doing it all yourself and much less than hiring the wrong person, or interviewing 10 people who are unsuitable.

No recruitment process is 100% bullet proof, but this one works pretty well if you follow the steps. You’ll find you get results quickly, for not much effort and at a low cost.

We charge a fixed fee + expenses + VAT whatever the level, whatever the salary, for our basic service. We often charge less than an agency will charge you and you get a great deal more help. Complete our short questionnaire to get started, and we will arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help you.