If you would like coaching to help you get organised, achieve your objectives or resolve problems, just get in touch. You can have regular coaching, ad-hoc coaching or a one-off session.

Nancy Slessenger has over 30 years of experience not only in the field of recruitment, but also in performance management coaching and consultancy. As a result, she has a real knack of helping managers to work out exactly what they are trying to achieve, how to define different roles in a team to reach those objectives, and what are the characteristics of the people needed to fill those roles.

You tap into this experience every time you use Vinehouse to fill a vacancy. But maybe  you need more help?  You need to shake things up so you can move forward? Perhaps you are organising a non-traditional, virtual team and aren’t sure of the best way to manage projects across time-zones or just different cities? Nancy can work with you directly. Contact us and let us know what you need.