About Nancy

Making the complex simple and straightforward

Nancy Slessinger

At Vinehouse, we believe in doing things the easy way. We believe that managing people does not have to be difficult in the main, and most ‘people problems’ can be avoided by good management. We believe that writing objectives that are clear and measurable is a big part of managing well.

We believe that everyone can be treated with respect and honesty. There is no need for unpleasantness or bullying in the workplace (or at home). You can achieve great results through simple, straightforward techniques.

Nancy Slessenger started Vinehouse in 1995 in order to make it easier for you to manage your team and organization in a way that feels comfortable and fits in with your values.

We are here to help you to be successful. We provide a whole range of products and services from quick and easy, accessible tips booklets filled with practical tools that you can implement immediately to long term coaching, training programmes and objective-writing services.

Nancy Slessenger is an entrepreneur and consultant from the UK. She runs Vinehouse essential Ltd, a company that started off focussing on training and is now dedicated to hiring and recruitment for owner managed businesses in the English-speaking world.

During her time in a ‘real job’ as a Production Manager at Mars, she was horrified to discover that the person in her team who was by far the most productive and had not a single failure over a whole year, was paid the least. This posed many questions and set her off on a journey. 

Many times she coached so-called “Difficult People” to turn them into useful employees. She started to wonder why they had been hired in the first place.

Nancy’s work includes “How to Write Objectives that Work” – a booklet that has sold over 500,000 copies, a host of material on how to manage and motivate your team. She has coached and trained thousands of people on writing goals and objectives and many other leadership and management skills.

Now, using everything she has learned, she is concentrating on getting the right people into jobs they will excel in and love. She has spent years developing and honing the process to make it more and more and more reliable. “It’s not magic, it’s just logical and carefully thought through.”

Her past clients include Alliance & Leicester, AstraZeneca, Barclaycard, Boots, CAT, CIPD, Capita, Deutsche Bank, GSK, Inland Revenue, Lloyds TSB, Thomas Cook, Unwins, VEGA, Rolls Royce, Anglia Ruskin University, Institute of Education, Medimmune, Jansen Cilag, Omya, Airwave Solutions, University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, South East Essex College, Learning Tree, Royal Holloway University of London, plus many more public sector organisations, including schools and charities.